Eastman Profile

Founded in 1997, Shenyang Eastman Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is specializing in developing and manufacturing carbon fiber composite musical instrument cases .   

As a Sino-US joint venture, Shenyang Eastman is the earliest company in China that developing and manufacturing cases with the world-class composite crafts and also the earliest one that applying the aviation composite crafts to the field of musical instruments. 

With JW Eastman cases, the secret is inside the case. Using aircraft design and technology, incorporating proprietary carbon fiber materials, Shenyang Eastman dedicates to make all series of light, strong and durable musical instrument cases to insure the case protects your precious instrument and has obtained many patents in China. 

Materials and designed strength panels are strategically placed in areas that typically take a beating in transport. The result is a great case that is lightweight, yet strong and beautifully designed, yet practical. 

Any JW Eastman case can be made of carbon fiber or fiberglass material. The cases attract great attention of the insiders from all over the world by the top-rank crafts, elegant designs and guaranteed quality. Eastman has won a good reputation for many different products and has been accepted by many musicians and customers from all over the world. 

Making quality the first and insisting on the principle of development and innovation,  Eastman will  go on working hard to lead the whole future markets of this field. 

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